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38 Replies to “Nice blonde granny”

  1. cohorttechnolog says:

    damn that is a really straight dick. i dont look real

  2. StrayMongrel-野犬 says:

    Xander corvus

  3. BryanK says:

    do girls in japan get training b4 they become porn stars ??

  4. athenab says:

    What have he done that his cock is very big? Some medicines or exercises?

  5. HMMNZ says:

    Holy did she even get into porn. She's not hot at all.

  6. skidcrow61 says:

    She's a good actor It's not actually real!

  7. flustered says:

    Guy name ?

  8. german_unicorn says:

    Porn logic, don't think too hard. Just like a lesbian sucking on a strapon somehow make them both feel good.

  9. TobyJay says:

    Fuck analcum, I am glad to hear that.

  10. Vincent-06 says:

    Descriptive title

  11. mistymisty01 says:

    Purdy little pussy

  12. Vg_Angs says:

    Anyone know her name?

  13. ChrisJLyons says:


  14. Onomatopoeia says:

    OMG its incredible!!! BBC rules the world!!!

  15. Albert_Lau says:

    that was hot. love how their dicks touch at the end.

  16. maryzahernorton says:

    When she says, "maybe you can cum inside me", I just about came...girl is smart and says the right things!

  17. mateck810 says:

    It's not even night time

  18. tomdip says:

    du bist der Traum aller Manner!!!! Keine blast so geil wie du!!! I Love you

  19. AbbieT says:

    Why only 4 stars? Im goin for 5

  20. jordanstn says:

    O negao e o deto e a gente e a mina

  21. Shyntylene says:

    She is amazing, i love brunettes

  22. blliving says:

    This is the best acting I've seen on this website, I cared more about the story than porn...

  23. kerrya says:

    I am so IN !

  24. Elaine says:

    would love to invite this chick to my party

  25. batduck says:

    BWAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!where did the other girl come from? and the quefing? hilarious!

  26. darryl-fifield says:

    Really hot. I never had an agent like that.

  27. jerrymac says:

    tf is this

  28. bisma says:

    Fucin hell! You inspire me to go squat. lol I want huge ass thighs to XD

  29. tmcpants says:

    Yeahhhh.. hot fucking scene!!!

  30. sarah-redbeacon says:

    Carmella... you can be my SUPERFREAK everytime 24/7 xD

  31. nickb6789 says:

    Thank you a million times for this compilation!

  32. MarieT says:

    what's her name she is hot !

  33. soundlightwaves says:

    Yeah hes the sexiest

  34. Kaiser47 says:

    She is gorgeous!

  35. Cranait says:


  36. chicairani says:


  37. viscopj says:

    Tough but fair

  38. kimpo47 says:

    Full scene pls

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