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17 Replies to “spanked and fucked by daddy”

  1. eipl says:

    Wow... nice one Kendra!

  2. MeganOneil21 says:

    I love how women look dumb as fuck in this position, like they have an IQ of minus 10,000 but thatís what makes it such a turn on, they donít realise this position makes them look like nothing but a cum deposit hole

  3. iEsNumeroUNo says:

    We really loved the part from 11:10 - 11:40 super hot but much too short Overall great video and she is such a beauty :*

  4. Adaminsa says:


  5. countrybaby says:


  6. missrainbowwolf says:

    Mia Malkova's ass has to be one of Unesco's heritage

  7. dnrajud says:

    Gotdamn that shit was sexy looking at them eyes when they stood up fucking

  8. Blackandwhite says:

    i wouldnt need a vibrator to let him handle me! I want that huge cock!

  9. sallie1 says:

    no cum. who is the big dick stud? kenzie has nice perky nipples.

  10. latrece4 says:

    whats her name?

  11. CreativeName says:

    wow, the graphic designer for that Orgy invitation should be proud, that is some fine fine work

  12. david891 says:

    ich wei? gar nicht mehr wie oft ich schon zu dem video gewichst und im hohem bogen abgespritzt hab haha.

  13. KayRay says:

    Two super hot babe. I love them.

  14. ChristineLyng says:

    I thought the same thing lol

  15. iizzengo says:

    nice bush on the guy, nice uncut cock, heavy balls.... dang

  16. Donb07 says:

    What great work. Thanks so much.

  17. HarryWales says:

    That was awesome! She has an amazing body! Every feature on her is practically perfect. I would have a lot of fun with this chick, if I ever got the chance to. Definitely worth beating off to this one. Anyone wanna watch round 2

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